MSc in Health Management and Data Intelligence by emlyon business school

The global market of data intelligence in healthcare was estimated at €98.4 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow significantly in the future.
Artificial intelligence has indeed the potential to help improve provider efficiency, increase diagnostic accuracy, personalize treatment and improve patient experience while grasping ethical and privacy dimensions.
How will the The MSc in Health Management and Data Science allow you to implement new technologies in the health industry?

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1 - Teaching you how to apply your data intelligence knowledge to the health care system

Before starting the program, you will have a full access to e-learning materials and online courses. Depending on your background, you will have access to the basics of management that are required before embarking on the Master. It will allow you to acquire the necessary skill set that you will then have to apply to the health sector.

You will at first attend to various courses which will give you an outstanding knowledge of management in healthcare industry, such as: economy and sociology of health, patient-centric ecosystems, health information system, pharmaceutical ecosystem etc.

You will then attend to courses which will specifically allow you to implement data intelligence to the health industry, such as: patient data for diagnosis and prevention, the challenges and issues of big data and artificial intelligence in healthcare, ethics and policy risks of artificial intelligence in healthcare.


2 - Training your "early makers" mindset

With a by-line based on the early maker concept whereby students are highly encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial spirit, you will nurture your ideas to make them reality. As an individual, who tries, experiments, makes mistakes, starts again and learns as they go.

In September, you will start working on a project in a competitive and collaborative environment benefiting from methodological input and support. Every week will be focused on this project, the main objective being to make progress creating new business models and solving business issues.

You will learn how to evolve from invention to innovation and from prototyping to industrialization.

3 - Be inspired from the bests data intelligence engineers - Les Mines de Saint-Etienne Partnership

The two institutions, emlyon business school and Les Mines Saint Etienne joined forces to create this program in response to the health industry’s needs.

In addition to your other courses, some seminars will take place in the Saint-Etienne Campus and CHU (hospital units).

Campus Les Mines St-Etienne

4 - Understanding opportunities of digital intelligence in management - the Artificial Intelligence Management Institute

The Artificial Intelligence in Management Institute is a research institute dedicated to understanding the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence in management.
It focuses on the three following areas:

  • Teaching, to prepare the students to master and manage AI technologies;
  • The development of a network of companies that support the adoption and implementation of AI technologies;
  • Research, centered on how AI and related technologies impact jobs, organizations and consumer behavior

Final question: Do you need to be a data intelligence expert to implement it to the healthcare industry?

The objective of this innovating Master's program is to create a generation of cross-over professionals who are able to evolve regardless of the impact of artificial intelligence and the digital transformation in the sector. Your challenge is not to become an expert in all fields or even to become an artificial intelligence expert, but rather to acquire a wide-ranging skill set and develop comprehensive knowledge covering: Big data, new technologies, managing disruption, soft skills required by new processes and know-how.