Global Employability University Ranking 2021 (Times Higher Education)  : emlyon occupe la 2e place des meilleures business schools françaises pour l’employabilité de ses étudiants

The Times Higher Education issued today its 11th annual Global Employability University Ranking: for the 6th consecutive year, emlyon ranks 2nd of the French business schools behind HEC and maintains its rank among the global top 40 #38.

Designed by Human Resources Consultancy Emerging, this annual ranking serves to assess the reputation of the institutions and their graduates from the sole perspective of recruiters. This year, close to 11,000 recruiters and directors at top international companies across the world were surveyed.

Following the 2022 QS Business Masters ranking, the 2021 GEURS 2021 survey is yet another recognition of the School on the international scene. It brings forth the successful professional integration and sustainable employability of the students of emlyon in the working life.

For Isabelle Huault, President of the Executive Board and Dean of emlyon business school, “this ranking is the voice of recruiters who not only commend the professionalism of the students of emlyon, but also celebrate their commitment and their ability to give meaning to their actions in their companies. Congratulations to these ambassadors of emlyon. I am thankful for such talents and the outreach they provide to our School, far beyond our frontiers.”

The Career Center of emlyon is implementing a great diversity of actions in favor of the employability of its community, including the Careers Forum, which will take place this year from January 10th to 13th, 2022, a great opportunity for recruiters and students to come together. From October to July 2022, the alumni network also offers a series of 10 webinars, the “Employability World Tour”, to introduce the specificities of employability of 10 different countries and help students and graduates with their internship or job searches.