« This program will clearly address the challenges faced by Sanofi and help train profiles needed by our structures to deal with the industry’s current major evolutions. (…) »
Marie-José Quentin-Millet, Deputy CEO from Sanofi Pasteur

The MSc in Health Management and Data Science is a new program created in September 2019 and aims to respond to companies’ needs.
To ensure that the students graduate with the necessary skills to respond to these needs, a wide range of professional networks from the industry are directly involved in the program.

lean startup

The outstanding local network: leaders and promising start-ups from Lyon:
Lyon is located in Europe’s sixth largest region and is one of the most attractive cities for European investors. The city is also home to global leaders such as Sanofi pasteur, bioMérieux, Genzyme, Merck Serono, Pharma Biotech, Urgo, Nouveal, Newclin …as well as many promising start-ups. This outstanding local network is an important help for the student’s network.

The annual steering technical committee at emlyon business school:
Each year, a steering technical committee is organized by emlyon business school and reunites many companies. This special committee is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss about the current challenges, issues and recruitment needs. This year, some of the companies invited were: Sanofi, IBM, Capio, Apicil, InovaSoftware

Estonia, a European Data’s Hub:
Estonia is a very important European Data hub nowadays. emlyon business school communicates a lot with companies from this region: for example with Guardtime which is a world’s leading blockchain technology company.

The American network: learning trip to the US:
During the first semester, students will have the chance to attend to the Learning-trip in US. In 2019, students visited the following companies and met some General Managers and networked with employees: Ipsen, French American Biotech Springboard, MassChallenge (accelerator) Startup LogicBio, Conexo Ventures, PathMaker Neurosystems.

In-company projects in Lyon and Shanghai:
Students from the MSc in Health Management and Data Intelligence will also be in contact with many companies thanks to the in-company projects (conducted during the semesters in Lyon and Shanghai). Examples of companies that have provided projects: Sibius, Meersens, Lilismart

In total, the program currently counts around 30 partners companies. Throughout the year you will also have dedicated support, workshops, training from the Career Services department that will help you define your professional goals and how you will achieve them.

The MSc in Health Management and Data Science will help you achieve your professional goals!