The agreement between emlyon business school and St Xavier’s College was signed on April 16th, allowing emlyon to have its own space bearing the School’s colors within the heritage buildings of the Indo-Gothic campus, classified as historic-monument, of St Xavier’s College, at the heart of Mumbai. Beyond our innovative hub, students from emlyon shall have access to the whole range of facilities (classrooms, library, and laboratories) of this 12,000m2 campus. At first, this pedagogical platform shall serve 250 Indo-French students.

With a common vision, both institutions agree on the necessity to hybridize competences, but also the importance to train responsible students able to address social and environmental issues. Just like emlyon, St Xavier’s College is a 150 year-old renowned institution, a multi-disciplinary college counting over 3,000 students today.


The agreement was signed on April 16th by Isabelle Huault, President of the Executive Board and Dean of emlyon business school, and Dr. Fr. Keith D'Souza, Rector of St Xavier’s College, Mumbai. The French Consul General in Mumbai, Mrs. Sonia Barbry, was also present for the signing of emlyon’s new premises opening on the campus of St Xavier’s College.


For Isabelle, President of the Executive Board and Dean: “After its initial implementation in Bhubaneswar, this new campus in Mumbai is an opportunity for emlyon business school, to reassert its ambition to secure a long-lasting position in India. It is an honor to be welcomed in St Xavier’s College, an institution with whom we share the same values of academic excellence, social and environmental commitment, and openness to the world. ”

Father Keith Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Rector of St Xavier’s College, said: “We are glad to sign this collaboration with emlyon business school as it fits the college’s strategic plan of facilitating course flexibility within and across disciplines; furthering international networking and collaboration and instituting a research, incubation & entrepreneurship hub. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership that will benefit our students, our stakeholders and our communities. ”


For Ashley Fernandes, in charge of emlyon India: “This M.o.U will provide Indian and French students with an incredible international learning platform. As a French and overseas citizen of India, born in Mumbai I am particularly proud of having initiated this partnership with such a prestigious college and thank my alma mater for this strong commitment to the city and India. ”

About emlyon business school:


Founded in 1872 by the Lyon CCI, emlyon business school has an enrollment of 8,600 students of 121 nationalities. The school operates on seven different campuses (Lyon, Shanghai, Saint-Etienne, Casablanca, Paris, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai), draws on a network of 190 international academic partners and runs a community of 33,000 alumni spread out in 130 countries. emlyon business school’s mission is to reveal “early makers”, to train lifelong learning responsible leaders, managers and entrepreneurs, with a solid international experience and intra/entrepreneurial capacities, able to address the complexity of the world, to make it meaningful, to shape and transform the businesses and society they live in, in a collaborative approach. The proposition of emlyon business school is to develop such competences within a unique pedagogy, combining academic research output of excellence and the elaboration of innovative learning tracks based on experimentation.

About St Xavier’s College : Founded in 1869, St Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai (SXC) has consistently been an academic community dedicated to the holistic education of future leaders. St Xavier’s College, one of Mumbai’s best-known institutions was granted autonomy by the University Grant Commission on June 1, 2010 and is the first autonomous college under Mumbai University. Among the top colleges of India, SXC is acknowledged as one of the best to offer undergrad courses in Arts, Humanities, Business Studies and Mass Media. SXC’s mission encapsulated in the College motto “Provocans ad Volandum” (“Challenging to Fly”) aims at inspiring its students to demonstrate innovation in their professional competencies, integration in their personal lives and inclusion in their social contribution. The college’s innovative academic platform ensures competence, nurtures excellence, stimulates critical and creative thinking; promotes multi-disciplinary learning, research and publication; links studies with industry developments and applications, makes core competencies socially and environmentally beneficial. The institution facilitates integration, stimulates emotional, interpersonal, social and spiritual intelligence, and develops organizational and leadership skills. The cornerstone of SXC’s project has always been social inclusion, in which cultural pluralism and diversity are appreciated, where strategy includes protecting the environment, social justice, harmony and solidarity with the underprivileged.

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