The MSc in Health Management & Data Intelligence prepares you for different positions, working with multiple stakeholders involved in the current transformation of the health industry’s value chain. Your professional networking will start as soon as you start the program thanks to various project-based courses, « transforming early makers’ » tracks and in-company projects.

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Here are the several positions you will have access to:

Most consulting firms have developed a specialization in the health sector which aims to support the digital transformation of the stakeholders.

Project or product management in pharmaceutical laboratories and/or medical device manufacturers:
Pharmaceutical laboratories and medical device manufacturers strongly mobilize the use of data in order to respond to the increasing demand for personalized and secure care.

Management/implementation of projects related to artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector:
Several positions are possible for the management and implementation of projects related to artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector, such as: Digital transformation driver, digital business developer, functional consultant, business developer in med-tech startups etc.

Interface roles:
You can occupy interface roles to connect pharmaceutical or industrial medical device or diagnostic laboratories, innovative start-ups, healthcare facilities and other ecosystem stakeholders.

Product/Marketing within the AI environment:
You can be Project Manager or Product Manager in pharmaceutical laboratories and/or medical device manufacturers.

Business Intelligence Management:
With the possibility of becoming Chief Digital Officer

The ethics of AI & health:
The notion of ethic plays a key role in AI in the healthcare industry. Therefore, there is a strong demand for positions such as Compliance Manager, CSR Manager, Data Protection Officer.

Business Development in Med-Tech startups:
Thanks to your outstanding knowledge in AI in healthcare, you will be able to understand both the med-tech start-ups and the clients’ needs. You can therefore be a business developer within these inspirational start-ups.

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Your job position will also depend on your initial background.

What positions can I get after my law background?
As a lawyer, you will also have access to the positions of Regulatory Affairs Manager and Data Privacy Officer.
These positions are responsible for overseeing a company’s data protection strategy and its implementation to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What positions can I get after my biology/pharmacy background?
As a biologist or pharmacist, you will have access to Compliance roles (Compliance Manager in Healthcare)

What about if I have an engineering background?
As a graduated engineer, you will have access to the following positions: Computer Scientist or Statistician, Junior Data Scientist or Data Manager positions.

Fast facts:
On average 90% of graduates start their first job within 6 months after completing the program!
Average gross salary after graduation: €40K to €45K
Job location: mostly France (and Paris) and 25% international.