COVID-19 Update

We have the great pleasure to share with you the organization of the coming academic year for our Masters of Science programs. Please note, that emlyon business school is committed to providing you with academic excellence and the best student experience possible as well as ensuring our students’ safety. Of course, the organization of the 1st academic semester (September to December 2020) will depend on the current and upcoming government regulations regarding the COVID-19 epidemic. As such, we may have to address a few changes in the planning to respect these upcoming regulations.

Before the start of the year

Reopening of international borders on July 1st: European borders have reopened since July 1st, allowing enrolled students to be able to come to France for their studies.
The French government is committed to prioritizing students’ visa maximizing our students’ chances to be on campus in France for the start of the year. We are committed to helping students in this endeavor.

Academic courses

Term 1: Due to government regulations, the 1st term will include a mix of digital courses and on campus group work and class based activities.
Term 2: We expect term 2 to go on as usual on campus at emlyon business school or at the partner institution where classes are held.
Term 3: Term 3 for Masters of Science will go on as usual on our em**lyon business school* campus in Shanghai.

Access to emlyon business school’s campuses

emlyon business school’s campuses will be open for students starting September. Students are welcome and encouraged to come to campus to have the best emlyon experience!