Transforming early makers

The Transforming early makers track challenges you to disrupt existing business models to imagine new value systems in the 2030 horizon through an entirely innovative learning path, directly preparing you for your new profession: steering and supporting the emergence, deployment, development and diffusion of transformation projects using digital technology as a lever for disruption.


Our approach positions you as a “maker”. You will be deployed on a project and placed in a competitive and collaborative environment where you will benefit from methodological input and support. From September, you will join a working group and cluster aligned with your areas of interest. Each week will be organized around this project and the various actions and initiatives that you will be required to achieve. Five series of courses and transversal themes will be studied in this first period:


  • Stimulate your creativity through Design Thinking
  • Improve your flexibility using fast-track projects
  • Harness disruptive markets using Market Intelligence
  • Constructing disruptive competitive positioning
  • Making disruptive business bodels profitable


This track has many advantages:

  • you work in a team on topics that interest you
  • you learn in a real-life situation with regular objectives and deliverables
  • you are supervised by a coach
  • you focus on your employability from the outset by meeting companies, participating in professional workshops and hearing expert testimonials
  • you quickly learn how to sell and how to sell yourself (sales pitch approach)